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Manufacturing Capabilities

Imagine the Yogurt Pot, Ice Cream Tub and Takeaway Container from your home recycling today be￾coming a colourful plant pot, kitty litter tray or brush-and-pan tomorrow. And, just imagine if all of those items could be recycled and made again into some other household product in your future.

Well, all of this is becoming a reality with Recycled Colour™. We are making injection moulded products in 100% recycled domestic waste PP sourced from homes like yours right here in Australia. Talk to us about your new idea for the products we can make from your past to colour everyone’s future.

PCR Blues Recycled Coloour
_capabilitiesArtboard 1 copy.png

The mix of random containers and scrap Polypropylene that is recycled in each reclaimed batch means that the Recycled Colour™ options we can offer are deeper tones and moody hues that fit so well with today’s contemporary trends and lifestyle furnishings.


We love the thought that PP here on shore can be diverted from landfill or mixed plastics waste into useful and colourful everyday items at home and that these can later be recycled and used again and again.

PCR Black from GCP
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