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At Garden City Plastics we have over 40 years experience in mastering the art of innovative plastic manufacturing and have invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology ensuring that we continue to deliver on our promise of quality and consistency.

Our Dandenong factory is well equipped with over 100 fully automated robotic injection moulding machines ranging between 75 tonnes up to 1,400-tonnes pressure. We also house 18 blow-moulding machines of up to 100 litre capacity and automated packaging systems, all operated with advanced technology software.

Our integrated software platforms provide us with intelligent solutions, effective and timely outcomes. Our team can bring your product ideas from conception to realisation!

The industry is aware that plastic is a cheap and reliable source of everyday product packaging. At GCP we have been injection moulding green life containers since 1975, we’re very conscious of the environment and have over the past year used a huge 7 million kilos of recycled Australian polypropylene.

Capabilities & Processes | Injection & Custom Moulding
  1. We discuss your ideas...

  2. Together we work on a design concept and produce a 3D model

  3. Building the tool is a critical step and when signed off ready for
    production the mould is installed

  4. Using coloured recycled PCR the product is manufactured

  5. In good conscience, the coloured product can now go to the retailer!!!


There are various reasons why the use of PCR is becoming a popular choice...

The first and most important topic is the environment and as a producer of plastic products to a sensitive say-no-to-plastic consumer, we are making a statement of sustainability to use recycled not virgin. More importantly, with Recycled Colour™ when it is later sent out to waste again it is possible to detect, as it is infrared visible* (*ex grey) material. Which means we can collect it as post-consumer,
our PCR is sourced from homes, it’s Australias recycled post-consumer polypropylene, so it’s all of us taking our waste and equally stopping our waste from going to landfill.


We can’t over emphasise the importance of the use of Australian recycled post-consumer polypropylene not only is it infrared visible, it’s also ideal for suppliers of various homeware manufacturers to be able to choose the colours in lifestyle trends, to give manufacturing more options of style in your everyday living space. Our purpose and message to industry is everything that is made from PCR can be collected.

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